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Sanma Province


Espiritu Santo Island is the largest in Vanuatu. This island contains Vanuatu's highest peak, and some of the most isolated villages.

The island is 116 km long and 59 km wide. The island is frequently hit by earthquakes. A severe one in 1965 raised part of the coastline by 40 cm. Santo occasionally receives ashfall from Ambrym volcano located 130 km SE. The island has an area of 4150 sq km and lies on the western part of the Vanuatu archipelago.

The climate is tropical and humid. Rain is variable at 3100 mm per year. On the coast, temperatures range from 16-33 deg C. There are five types of plant communities on the island: Rainforest, moss forest, high altitude grassland, low altitude grassland and shore community.

Espiritu Santo Island was visited by Quiros in 1606 and named Tierra Australia del Espiritu Santo.

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